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What's Some Sound Advice to Make Corporate Events Better



In this episode we get some sound advice on corporate events from audio mixer John Williams. Prepare to have your perceptions EQ’d! So, if you want to make your next corporate event pitch perfect, hit the download button, screw your headphones on tight, and get ready to take notes.

Over the last 30 years, John Williams has designed and mixed more than a thousand events of all scopes and sizes. He has traveled all over the world working with brands like Harley-Davidson, Heineken, Lowe’s, Walmart and many, many more. Up next, he’s headed to Maui for a large-scale outdoor awards event for T-Mobile, recognizing their top performers. No wonder he never gets tired of jumping on a plane to head off to distant ballrooms.


Hosted and Written by Jeremy Dobrish

Produced by Bethany Potter

Theme Music by Mike Mancini

Logo design by Shraddha Maharjan

Special thanks to Dossie McCraw

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