Harley Davidson

Annual Dealer Meeting 2017
Harley-Davidson’s Biggest Launch Ever

As they enter their 115th year as an American icon. Proscenium worked with Harley for the 5th year in a row on their Worldwide Annual Dealer Meeting in Los Angeles in August. Each and every year we have to up our game and this year was no exception. Thirteen new 2018 models including an all new Softail platform were launched and revealed to over 5000 dealers from 94 countries and to thousands more on a global broadcast with its own programming. Such an iconic launch demanded an iconic venue so we took over the Microsoft Theater at LA Live for an afternoon and evening. The launch was a huge success and resulted in extensive and favorable media coverage as well as a highly motivated and driven dealer network.

Annual Dealer Meeting 2016
A Great Meeting. By Design.

When you’re lucky enough to launch only the 9th V-Twin engine in the over one hundred year history of perhaps the most iconic motor company in the world, it’s a big deal.

From the moment the 5,500 dealers walked into the Boston Convention Center, they were transported to the Product Design Center in Milwaukee; a place few get to see, but where motorcycle magic is made. During the walk-in experience, four designers were discovered working away at their desks: one painting a gas tank, one sketching a cruiser bike, one sculpting a clay model, and one working with a mannequin on motor clothes. The giant IMAG images of the design process in action were as captivating as the beautiful designs themselves.

Our opening video was filled with letters and social media posts from around the world about how customers “Live The Legend” of Harley-Davidson, and how the brand has changed their lives. It culminated with Willie G. Davidson, the Great-Grandson of the founder, expressing how touched he was.

Before revealing the new engine to the world, we used the 50’ by 180’ window of the hall itself as a huge projection screen and, through artist sketches and dramatic animations, transported the audience to the design center where the engineers and designers spent years working on this top secret engine. Throughout the show, videos were played on this massive window screen surface; taking the audience from paint rooms, to sound chambers, to test tracks.

When the big moment came to reveal the beauty, power, and incredible design of the engines, we raised them up from below the stage accompanied by fog, lighting and the iconic sound of a Harley engine revving up.

It all culminated with a sunny day appearing on the video window as the CEO took the stage to encourage the dealers to ride every day. As he spoke, the day turned into a beautiful Harley orange sunset as he invited 4 other Executives onstage to ride off the portfolios of bikes. The back wall parted for them, revealing the Expo where the dealers got to find out first-hand what makes this engine so important. It was a beautiful and inspiring way to get the dealers revved up to sell the new engine as soon as they return home.