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Whether it's the Upfront, which serves as the advertising industry's flagship event of the year, the exciting launch of a new streaming platform, or the exclusive VIP experience at the Latin Grammy Awards, TelevisaUnivision consistently brings its unmistakable 'buena onda' (good vibes) to every occasion.


Recognizing the paramount significance of the Upfront event to TelevisaUnivision's operations, we've been proud partners in turning their vision into reality. This cornerstone event is responsible for channeling billions of dollars into their operations, connecting with thousands of in-person and virtual attendees. Our involvement was not merely transactional; it was deeply rooted in understanding. We've delved into the depths of the Hispanic consumer landscape, while also understanding the unique dynamics and demands of their primary audience: the advertisers.

This deep-rooted education allowed our team to function in sync with TelevisaUnivision, creating award-winning set designs, immersive environments, and content that resonated with their message both on and off the screen. The synergy between our teams was evident, setting a gold standard for what partnerships should aspire to be.


TelevisaUnivision was challenged with hosting a main presentation and post-show reception for 1,300+ attendees at the Jacob Javits Center River Pavilion. Instead of viewing the uniquely shaped space as a limitation, we saw it as an opportunity to create a special floor plan and set design. To maximize the space we utilized the entrance corridor as the main presentation area and transformed the location behind the set into the post-show reception. In a theatrical moment, the 40’ center LED screen lifted after the main presentation, revealing the second half of the event. Attendees walked over the stage and into the unveiled reception space. This impressive feat not only dazzled the audience but also played a crucial role in creating distinctive environments within the confines of the venue.

Don't take our word for it, check out our highlight reel.


Hispanic icons are at the heart of TelevisaUnivision's culture, and their presence at our events is always a highlight for both attendees and our team. We have had the privilege of collaborating with celebrated performers such as Sebastián Yatra, Sofía Reyes, and Luis Fonsi, showcasing the rich tapestry and mainstream appeal of Hispanic culture. Moreover, we've orchestrated and staged engagements with icons like Emilio Estefan, Jorge Ramos, Victor Cruz, among others, further elevating the cultural discourse and engagement at our gatherings.

These artists and stars make a huge impact on the Upfront Presentations, but we also got the pleasure of working on a moment of the show in 2022 that ended up being the true star. To accomplish the audience truly connecting with the Hispanic consumer, we started the show with a personal story from a young Hispanic woman who stood powerfully in the middle of the audience. Her story set up the rest of the presentation, providing an emotional hook for the audience before educating them on how to effectively reach the Hispanic demographic.

The Power of the Hispanic Audience

In addition to entrusting us with their flagship annual event, TelevisaUnivision also commissioned us to organize several more intimate ad sales-focused gatherings in Las Vegas and New York, designed to enlighten the ad sales community about the Hispanic audience. Our primary objective was to produce events that would familiarize advertisers with the dynamism and intricacies of the Hispanic consumer base, contributing to TelevisaUnivision's growth and highlighting the burgeoning opportunities within this market. The meticulous planning for these events spanned several months, aiming to deliver a high-touch experience for TelevisaUnivision's most valued ad sales clients. In 2023, our influence and creativity were evident from the moment attendees stepped off the plane in Las Vegas to the moment they entered the Latin Grammy Awards. This hybrid event offered both an educational and entertaining experience, reflecting the vibrant momentum within Hispanic culture and its influence.

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