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“What people don't realize is that even when I'm dealing with a pharma company and they're dealing with a very serious disease state, people need that release valve. They need to laugh and when you do laugh, you just feel good. You open up, you share something with the people around you.”
- Scott Bloom

Scott Bloom is a professional comedian, author, podcast host and tv personality. He has hosted hundreds of events over two decades for big and small organizations alike.

Scott uses humor in corporate events to add energy, provide relief and, most importantly, to forge connections. Scott has seen (and done) it all. There’s nobody better to talk about how to most effectively employ comedy in a corporate live event.

Here are the four top ideas I took away from a recent conversation with Scott:

  1. Humor has power and is essential because of the connections it forms, even when the subject matter of the meeting is very serious.
  2. Having a funny MC allows your presenters to loosen up and give better presentations
  3. If an executive wants to try something that isn't funny, it's best to stop them. Even if that can be a little awkward.
  4. Presenters shouldn't worry about being funny. Be prepared. Put your attention on the audience. And let the rest just happen.

Even Scott’s demo reel is a lot of fun.

If you want to hear our full conversation, head to the episode page or listen anywhere fine podcasts are found. 

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