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Each year Qualcomm produces live events all around the world. In March of 2020, live events came to a halt, business of course did not. Qualcomm needed to find a way to reach and communicate with its customers, partners, employees, investors and the media in a whole new forum.

Qualcomm wanted a virtual platform that was engaging, innovative, immersive and on-brand for a leading technology company. Just one problem – such a thing did not exist. So they partnered with Proscenium to make their dream a reality.

Our virtual solution was such a success that Qualcomm has since used the platform for dozens of events. It proved that immersive and engaging experiences are possible in a virtual environment. Impactful messaging can reach your most important audiences, and a fun time can be had by your guests. Now that’s how a brand performs.

Read more about the Tech Summit Digital.

Read more about the Qualcomm Tech Summit Digital. 

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