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Our latest triumph unfolded at the Marriott Marquis San Diego for 1,500 attendees at the National Orion Ascent Conference 2024. Our team was “Unstoppable,” setting a new standard for engagement and inspiration.

Starting off with a bang, the multimedia opening video was accompanied by the talented local San Diego duo, Amy and Dylan Serrano. While she elegantly serenaded the audience with her violin, Dylan rocked out on guitar. It was a truly awe-inspiring way to set the stage for the rest of the week and captivate the audience right from the start.

But it wasn't just the performances that left a lasting impression. The set design was meticulously crafted, and dynamic lighting transformed the space into an exciting environment. From the main stage to the breakout rooms, every detail was thoughtfully considered to create an atmosphere of energy and inspiration.


We introduced a talk show style show, hosted by Orion’s finest, Rick Williamson. Throughout the event, Rick sat down with new CEO Natalie Wolfsen, industry executives, AI experts, and more. In between the keynotes and fireside chats, Rick injected moments of levity and camaraderie, playing games, bantering with DJ Aaron Smalls, and creating an environment that felt more like a gathering of friends than a conference.

We heard from Dr. Louis Rosenberg on how AI can be harnessed to help financial advisor’s clients make smarter choices, and Dan Clifton briefed us on what lies ahead politically.

The closing keynote was delivered by NFL professional Sarah Thomas, whose charm, wit, and inspiring story brought down the house. Her presence on stage was a fitting conclusion to a week of empowerment and “Unstoppable” energy.

Throughout the week our team remained reliable and responsive, orchestrating four general sessions and numerous breakouts for engaged audiences. The success of The National Orion Ascent Conference 2024 reaffirms our commitment to innovation and excellence in event production. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, we look forward to creating more unforgettable experiences that inspire, engage, and elevate.

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