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Since Day One, Proscenium has been dedicated to helping brands perform.

All our Creative Directors, for example, have extensive theatre experience which they bring to our shows in a variety of ways.

We have various initiatives to bring theatre to new audiences - from our support of TheaterWorksUSA which brings family theatre to underprivileged kids all over the country, to our sponsoring the development of new plays in our office space.

But now…

We have done something truly groundbreaking if you don't believe us you can ask the New York Times.

Proscenium is one of the Co-Producers on the new Broadway musical 'How To Dance In Ohio'.

Inspired by the award-winning HBO documentary of the same name, 'How to Dance in Ohio' narrates the lives of seven autistic young adults, played by autistic actors (a first in Broadway's history). It is re-defining “accessibility” on Broadway with sensory-friendly advance information, cool down rooms for those who might be over-stimulated, and sensory tool kits.

Proscenium is dedicated to making our events increasingly more accessible, and 'How To Dance In Ohio' is the perfect melding of theatricality and forward-looking inclusivity.

We are so proud of the show, and our partnership with it.

We hope you’ll come see it (hey, call us if you want house seats), and we look forward to pushing the boundaries of theatre and accessibility in our future shows.

‘How to Dance in Ohio’ is playing on Broadway now. For more information, visit their website and follow them on Instagram @ohiomusical.

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