Mark Shearon

Mark Shearon

Partner, Managing Director

Mark is our very own Englishman in New York. You can hear it in his accent when he pronounces the word “mall” as “mawl”, and see it every day at 3pm when he takes tea with milk and a biscuit (that is British for cookie). Teatime is the ideal setting for Mark to reflect even more deeply about his clients, their challenges, their needs and how he can help them to perform better every day.

Mark has spent the last 25+ years thinking about clients, opportunities and solutions. (He thinks with an accent too).  Over that time he has worked with the world's best-performing brands on their most important communication and marketing programs. In the past at other agencies Mark has worked on brands like Ford Motor Company, American Express, Bank of America, ExxonMobil, and Samsung. Since forming Proscenium, he has worked with Walmart, Harley-Davidson, Qualcomm, Snapdragon by Qualcomm, Discovery, Heineken, Yahoo, Lowes, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, and T-Mobile.

If Mark played cricket he'd be known as an "all rounder".  If he were in Hollywood he'd be known as a “triple threat”.  If he were a knife, only the Swiss Army type would do.  He has strategized with CEOs, created campaigns with Brand Managers and collaborated with clients on the production of key product launches.  Mark has fielded 26,000 business partners in a single game, played the leading role in sports marketing activations for 150,000+ consumers and cut to the chase for live meetings of 17,500 employees.  His specialty is the any-scale, success-critical, high-performance, face-to-face, digitally savvy event that drives Business to perform.

Prior to founding Proscenium, Mark worked on both sides of the pond with Imagination in London and for four years he led the Eastern Region and Engagement Communications practice for TBA Global in NYC, with clients in the Automotive, Technology, Oil & Gas, Communications, Finance and Retail industry sectors.

On a Summer evening, he loves nothing better than to be on his deck with his two boys and his wife Sharon (that's right Sharon Shearon, she must love him) sipping a London Dry Gin and Tonic with Lemon. You can take the man out of England but you can't take England out of the man.

(We know; we've tried).


Chuck Santoro

Partner, Chief Creative

During his two-decade career, Chuck has had the privilege of working with Julie Andrews, Arthur Miller, and Gwen Stefani.  He has directed names like Ben Stiller, Harry Connick Jr., and Reese Witherspoon but not before he was directed himself by none other than Woody Allen in Bullets Over Broadway (the movie). You see, Chuck's event marketing career started like so many others...haven't. After graduating in Theater and Marketing from Syracuse University, Chuck was drawn to the footlights of New York where he landed his first starring role as a Toy Soldier...for FAO Schwarz.

He quickly moved up the ranks at FAO, eventually running entertainment  for the entire company. So how did he get from Toy Soldier to leading creative for the 17,000-in-attendance Walmart Annual Shareholders' Meeting for five years? All we can say is Chuck's success didn't happen overnight.

When he left FAO for Jack Morton Worldwide, he brought his knack for infusing relevant fun into his creative strategy.  That key element worked wonders at Morton where Chuck, Vice President and Senior Creative Director, launched initiatives—both internal and external— for companies like Bank of America, Nintendo, Novartis, Abbott Laboratories and Pfizer. At TBA Global Chuck ran creative company-wide, making headlines on MetLife's Alico intiative, where the memory of his riveting 6th grade portrayal of Snoopy pointed the way to a communication strategy presented in 26 countries and 19 different languages.

He has created brand experiences for T-Mobile every year since 2007 ranging from large scale meetings, to videos, to trade show booths, and partnered with them once again on a nine city US tour communicating to 9,978 employees along the way (give or take a few).

Since forming Proscenium he rolled out the 787 Dreamliner for Boeing in South Carolina, an event that not only garnered world wide media attention, motivated thousands of attendees, but also gave Chuck the worst sunburn he has had in years. He also traveled to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and brought gaming to life for Snapdragon by Qualcomm.

Thanks to leading the creative on the Harley-Davidson Global Dealer Meeting for four years in a row, he knows what a faring bra is and that a Bat Wing can have nothing to do with the Caped Crusader. TD Ameritrade Institutional has trusted his leadership and creative on all of their events for the past five years, and when Discovery networks was tasked with an event celebrating their CEO, a once in a lifetime gala was created with Oprah that truly was out of this world.

This award-winning creative is excited to have seen the lights come up on his vision leading creative and his team for Proscenium—in the heart of New York City—in his most commanding role to date.


Mark Leiss


After his 35th performance singing on the main stage at Carnegie Hall, Mark still had to pay for his own parking. It was this ever-so-subtle hint that convinced him to broaden his career options and find a role for which he would always be applauded. Live Event Production was (of course) the next logical step.

Prior to Proscenium, Mark was a Senior Vice President at both TBA Global and PGI, spearheading efforts in the pharmaceutical and technology sectors. Before that, he was Vice President for Caribiner International in New York City. He also spent ten years with Maritz, cast in the position of Vice President of Development. He was the youngest Vice President ever appointed in the company's 100+ year history.

A three-time American Multimedia Industry award-winner for Production, Mark has over thirty years of experience in the live event management and engagement marketing arenas. He helped drive the success of multiple global initiatives for IBM, MetLife, Novo Nordisk, J&J, Sanofi, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Lundbeck, Otsuka, Daiichi Sankyo, BMW, AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Mitsubishi.

On the pharmaceutical stage, Mark has been involved with the launch of several large brands, investigator meetings, management/sales meetings and speaker training programs in multiple therapeutic areas with: Abilify®, Azor®, Benicar®, Benicar HCT®, Lantus®, Levemir®, OrthoVision, Rexulti, Tribenzor®, Victoza®, and Welchol.

Mark also shares his talents as an executive speech coach, a performance consultant, as well as a guest speaker on the topic of Business Theatre and Event Engagement for media and academic programs.

He attended the Executive MBA Program at Columbia University in New York City, and holds degrees in both Business Communications and Theatre from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Mark still attends Carnegie Hall, but strictly as an audience member. And yes, he still pays for his own parking.


Peter Pastor

Partner, Chief Financial Officer

Peter always has food for thought, and vice versa. This isn't surprising since his degree in Hotel Management from Cornell University was intended to spice up the family restaurants business. But instead, after graduation, Peter joined KPMG in NYC where he obtained his CPA license.

The next course brought Peter to the table at Kraft (then General Foods) where he began his career in Finance, but quickly requested a re-seating to Sales and Marketing overall, the lunches were better (but calculating how to split up the bill wasn't met with nearly as much delight). As Senior Brand where Manager for Log Cabin Syrup, Peter led a turnaround for the $100M franchise.

With praise pouring onto his accomplishments, Peter left Kraft after 10 years to pursue more entrepreneurial interests, namely as the key ingredient (and President) of a start-up fat-free bakery company that successfully made it onto the menu of the Pepperidge Farm division of The Campbell Soup Company.

Hmm Hmm Good news for TBA Global who caught the sweet smell of success that Peter brought to that agency in 2004 as its CFO.

At Proscenium, Peter is in charge of money and operations, serious elements that feed the success of every venture, where his corporate and grassroots financial experience combine to make a formidable pairing.

The 2011 IT List

Keirsten Hammett

Partner, Executive Producer

Keirsten has a knack for performing. At certain times in her career the focus has been backstage—literally— designing, producing, managing construction and decorating VIP areas for artists at large-scale music festivals and concerts, including Bonnaroo and Rothbury. At other points, on-stage: Child actress in the role of Annie - middle school juggernaut - as Jean Maitland in Stage Door and at the Staples Center, half-time guest dancer for the LA Clippers. Her performance skills extend to academia too, with a double major (Sociology and Law) from UC Santa Barbara (magna cum laude, no less) and with Oxford teaching credentials in hand, she has also taught American business English to some of Spain's top executives.

At Proscenium, Keirsten achieves marquee status, parlaying all her experience into the performance of a lifetime for the clients who will benefit from her unmatched communication skills, organizational acumen, and collaborative spirit.

Keirsten leads the TD Ameritrade account, producing four to five programs annually as a trusted partner of the TD Ameritrade Events Team. She also produced the launch of the new line of Harley-Davidson Rushmore motorcycles at the 2013 Worldwide Dealer Meeting. Keirsten has also worked with Lowes, Tata, Discovery, Boeing, Qualcomm, Qualcomm Atheros including International events for Qualcomm in Sao Paulo, New Delhi, and Hong Kong.

Prior to joining Proscenium, Keirsten was at TBA Global where she worked closely with the Executive Team and was an invaluable production resource for client teams.

Keirsten got her corporate start at the Loomis Group, San Francisco, starting as an Executive Assistant, then was promoted to the account team for Loomis' consumer technology client, SanDisk, where she got great notices for her contribution to their media placement initiatives, ad campaigns, product launches, brand affinity programs and in-store promotion experiences. Keirsten's out of office time (albeit very short) includes working with her kickboxing trainer, preparing gourmet meals, and running in Central Park.

Olga Losada

Olga Losada

Executive Producer

Olga joins the Proscenium team after eighteen years at Jack Morton Worldwide during which time she built one of the most loyal client rosters of any producer in the industry. With a light touch but iron clad organizational skills and production discipline, she keeps her teams on targets and her clients highly satisfied in the areas of PHARMACEUTICALS: Boehringer Ingleheim, Eli Lilly, Astrazeneca/ Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer, FINANCIAL SERVICES: J.P. Morgan, UBS, and plenty of OTHERS: Microsoft Xbox, Huawei, Volkswagen, Verizon Wireless, Mastercard, International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association, Avon, British Airways, and Dreamworks. Since joining Proscenium, she has produced events for JetBlue, Yahoo, Lundbeck, and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

Olga's passion is aligning flawless execution of the creative vision with budgetary guidelines to ensure that experiential events bring business value to the client while simultaneously improving the life of the audience. Her work with Latina Magazine and the multi-city outdoor concerts for emerging latino performers matched her skills perfectly. As did the ABC kids upfronts she produced which brought a pre-phenom (and pre tongue wagging, nipple baring, naked wrecking-ball riding) Miley Cyrus to the attention of marketing executives, advertisers and affiliates.

Olga knows so many NYC restaurants, she's like a walking Zagats (in both English and Spanish) and is working on becoming a walking Yelp.

Lauren Repici

Lauren Repici


Lauren grew up with a love of sports, the beach, and music. So naturally she chose a career in Live Events Production! She started at WIRED magazine as a sales associate working closely with the event marketing team executing client-sponsored events, then moved to Citi where she worked on media-driven sponsorships such as The Rose Bowl, Fashion Rocks, the New Yorker Festival, and her favorite baseball team – the New York Mets.

Having the experience and knowledge from both the client and brand sides of the table gave her a real advantage and holistic viewpoint when she decided to go freelance as a live events producer, working on events for Dell, Dell Retail, Microsoft X-box, NBA and Merck.

When Proscenium offered her a full time position, she jumped at the chance, and is thrilled to currently be working with Harley-Davidson and Lowes.

Now she has found that in addition to sports, the beach, and music; she loves producing, live events, and being a part of the Proscenium team.


Jeremy Dobrish

Senior Creative Director

After over twenty years as a theatre director, Jeremy finally gets the word "creative" in his title. For Proscenium he has led the creative on projects for Walmart, Yahoo, Heineken, The UPS Store, TD Ameritrade, Lundbeck, Serial (yes, the podcast) and Host Hotels.

In the theatre world Jeremy has directed at some of the most prestigious regional theatres in the country including Goodspeed, The Old Globe, NY Stage and Film, The O'Neil, Barrington Stage, etc. In New York he has directed at Second Stage, MCC, and everywhere from hole-in-the-wall store fronts on the lower East Side, to million dollar commercial Off Broadway Musicals.

His productions, including the Off Broadway revival of The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged), have received several Lortel and Drama Desk nominations, and he has directed at every major theatre festival in New York (and won the Excellence In Directing award at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2012). Jeremy is a 6 times published playwright who has taught Playwrighting, Acting and Directing at the New York Film Academy, Western Michigan University and, most recently, NYU.

Jeremy is a good fit at Proscenium because he loves working with kids. His children's musicals Clifford The Big Red Dog, Curious George, and Tilly The Trickster (based on Saturday Night Live alum Molly Shanon's book) entertain kids all across the country. Jeremy has started two theatre companies: Midtown Direct Rep in NJ which The New York Times called '"The place to discover the next great play", and the aesthetically innovative (whatever that means) adobe theatre company in NY, which The New York Times called “One of the canniest theatre companies anywhere in town”. Now he is a Creative Director for "One of the canniest Event Marketing Agencies anywhere in town"!


Sam Port

Creative Director

They say life is like a roller coaster, and Sam (or “Sport” as we like to call him) took that adage to heart by operating and supervising rides as a youth at Cedar Point, Busch Gardens Tampa, and Six Flags New England.  Sam earned his Bachelor's Degree from Cornell University's Hotel School, specifically to pursue this goal of theme park management, and continued on to become an operations manager at Walt Disney World's EPCOT.

The tall, dark and handsome Mr. Port is also a performer who has worked professionally for years as a singer in “Jubilee!” at Bally's Las Vegas, and throughout NYC, regional theaters, and on cruise ships. Always one to stretch himself and demonstrate his flexibility, Sam went on to produce and manage the Off-Broadway show Spandex the Musical.


Since his introduction to event marketing in the fall of 2013, Sam has become enamored with an industry that values his backgrounds - live performance and themed entertainment - as a way of enhancing communication and brand awareness.


Sam has creative-directed events and performances for T-Mobile (including two 16-city tours), Harley-Davidson, TD Ameritrade Institutional, Walmart, and JetBlue.  His recent vision for Credit Karma – one of Proscenium's largest consumer activations - involved sourcing a prototype interactive amusement ride and theming it to credit scores.  How's that for full circle?


Sam's mission is to provide the best possible live experience for any event attendee.  On the roller coaster of life, Sport is enjoying the ride with Proscenium.


Agustina Jacobi

Design Director

After graduating as a Graphic Designer from Universidad de Palermo back in Buenos Aires, Agustina worked at multiple design studios including Argentina’s famous Cris Morena Group.

In 2012 she moved to NYC and graduated from the MFA DT (Design and Technology) program at Parsons The New School, where she studied Motion Graphics and 3D Animation. She is thrilled to be working with Proscenium as the Design Director.


Henry Evans

Creative Associate

Henry is a recent graduate from Muhlenberg College. Since returning to his hometown of NYC, he has put his theatre, dance, gymnastic, and business skills to work as a Content Developer for EEVO, Production Coordinator for The Drama League, Producer of Robby Motz Productions, Sound Department apprentice at the Broadway musical Wicked, and various Production Assistant work on feature and indie films.

Oh, and he also founded the Atlas Circus Company. At Proscenium he works on the T-Mobile, Harley-Davidson, UPS Store, and Heineken accounts. Ask him to do a backflip for you, it’s flippin' amazin'!

Dan Marino

Dan Marino

Experiential Designer

A graduate from Northeastern University School of Architecture, Dan's focus has always been on 3D design and digital media. After working for several architecture firms in Boston and London, he gained an interest in motion graphics and film. Dan transitioned to an independent film company where he worked on a variety of projects, including a full-length documentary associated with National Geographic.

In New York City, Dan worked as a 3D artist, Industrial and Experiential Designer at Momentum Worldwide for such clients as Verizon, American Express and Coca-Cola. Through it all, Dan continues to credit his success to Legos and enjoys debating the Force of the Dark Side with the rest of the Proscenium design team.

Christian Bayonet

Christian Bayonet

Multimedia Designer

Christian's passion for graphic design comes from an interest in exploring communication and visual rhetoric. His curiosity emboldened him to teach himself Illustrator and After Effects which allow him to create visuals from scratch and then bring them to life through motion.

Before joining Proscenium, Christian designed for MTV, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, GAP, Esquire Network, Time Inc., Hasbro, Publix, Novartis, Reebok, Mondelez, Dreamworks, VH1, LEE (jeans), and KaBOOM!

Since joining Proscenium he has worked with T-Mobile, Lundbeck, and Heineken.

In his spare time (which he has less and less of) he tries to recover from his sneaker addiction, and cooks Dominican food (but only for other people). He's also a sucker for all things Muppet.

Shraddha Maharjan

Shraddha Maharjan

Graphic Designer

Like most graphic designers, Shraddha has a BA in Anthropology, and a BS in Neuroscience with a minor in Chemistry from Indiana University.

But seriously, she's probably the only graphic designer you'll meet who you should trust to operate on your brain. Shraddha is perpetually curious, and has a real passion for the intersection of art & science, particularly in visual communication. All of which makes her designs smart. Since coming to work for Proscenium she has worked with TD Ameritrade, T-Mobile, and Wakefern. Oh, and she also plays in steel pan ensembles.

Connor Chadwick

Connor Chadwick

Manager, Sales and Marketing

While earning his BBA from the Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business in Milwaukee, Connor interned for two years as the department coordinator in Meetings and Travel at Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Whether it was delivering dreams of personal freedom or assisting the planning of large scale events (produced by Proscenium, natch) he always helped to create unforgettable experiences for all attendees. In fact, he got along so well with the Proscenium team that when we were looking for an Office Manager, he jumped at the chance to come to New York and play in our sandbox. The sandboxes in New York are a little dirtier, but Connor is thrilled to be putting his top five strengths of Command, Achievement, Competition, Ideation and Focus to work for Proscenium's staff and clients.


Kyle Murakami

Associate Producer

As an Associate Producer, Kyle provides support to our production team, including content management and production execution. Basically he makes sure that everything is what it's supposed to be. Every. Thing. And we have a lot of things. He's brought his sharp eye for detail to Lowe's, Harley-Davidson, Heineken, IBM, Walmart, Daiichi Sankyo, and Lundbeck. He also oversees our Request For Proposal (RFP) process, so if you've ever received a proposal response from us, Kyle is probably responsible for making it perfect (unless you didn't like it, in which case it was…um…Ebanezer. Yeah, Ebanezer).

Prior to landing with us here in New York, Kyle's experience took him around the globe. Rural, western Kenya benefited from his commitment to implementing health initiatives, organizing local community health education events, and stateside fundraising endeavors, all under the non-profit auspices of Ambassadors for Sustained Health. By contrast, urban, western Los Angeles benefited from Kyle's support of the Publicity Department, mainly on the Television Critics Association's Summer Press Tour.

Planning and producing live events (including weddings!) is Kyle's calling and passion evidenced by his Boston University bachelor's degree in Business Administration, where he led event logistics for the B-School Beanpot Business Case Competition.

Lexi Nicholas

Lexi Nicholas

Associate Producer

When the reason why your parents met involves a large-scale event, you know your future is destined for the industry.

Lexi comes to Proscenium as a graduate of Tufts University where she majored in International Relations. Her passion for live events really took off, however, when she joined Oracle Corporation as part of their Marketing & Advertising teams. Following Oracle, she worked for InVision Communications, supporting such clients as EMC, Dell Technologies, Gartner, Coach, Williams Sonoma and Kubota Tractor Corporation. Lexi is excited to be a part of Proscenium's production team helping our brands perform, including Lowe's and T-Mobile (though she'll always include her parents meeting at the America's Cup to be favorite event of all.)


Ryan Miller

Associate Producer

With a passion for altruism, travel, and music – her events and performing experiences have seen many platforms. From coordinating and leading teams to Africa for economic development training, running high-end catering events with exclusive guests, 15 years in musical theater, producing headliner concerts and interning on the VIP Experience for Jon Bon Jovi's 'Because We Can' Tour – the exciting environment of live and experiential events has always brought Ryan to life.

Prior to joining Proscenium, Ryan worked for a start-up as an Internet Marketer; First as a Specialist and then moving her way up to a managerial role before making the decision to return to her true passions- performing arts, event planning, and the big city. While she doesn't get to code or create Google ads anymore, her tech agency experience further refined her client relations, coordination, and management skills while teaching her about the dynamic environment of entrepreneurial-minded businesses.

Ryan has had the pleasure of being a part of the TD Ameritrade, T-Mobile, Heineken, The UPS Store, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and Wakefern accounts. When Ryan isn't producing, you can find her biking, hiking, or at a local music venue with beer in hand.


Bethany Potter

Production Coordinator

Bethany grew up in the Pacific Northwest where she attended the University of Washington in Seattle. Inspired by her love of connecting with people, she earned her degree in Spanish with a minor in Latin American Studies, while spending her free time swing dancing.

Bethany's goal is to connect clients and their audiences through great experiences, and in turn, forge meaningful connections with one another.  The first actual event she organized was a swing dance workshop, combining her passion for dance and music with her natural ability to create order. Since then, she has thrived on the collaborative nature of production: from organizing week-long workshops to being part of Microsoft's events. Bethany is thrilled to continue enhancing the audience experience with Proscenium's clients, starting with Harley-Davidson.

When she isn't coordinating events, she is involved in several other creative outlets, including teaching dance classes and even tearing up the swing dance floor herself. You can also find her preforming as a jazz vocalist throughout the city.

Mona Gimenez

Mona Gimenez

Production Accountant

Mona is the ultimate island hopper. Born in the Philippines, she also lived in Guam before making the leap to the New York Islands. Her island of choice, however, is Hawaii which she visits often to see her brother.

She attended Babson College where she studied Global Business Management and Global she was. While in college, she studied abroad three times: In the U.K., Singapore & Costa Rica. Her passion for travel has brought her to over 35 countries where she explored world wonders including the Macchu Picchu in Peru and the Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia. Mona joins Proscenium as Production Accountant after working at HBO Sports and Refinery29.

Max Shutt

Max Shutt

Studio Manager

Max comes to Proscenium fresh from four years as regional facilities manager for Exhale, a spa and fitness company in Manhattan. So if you’re feeling some chill vibes in our office, they’re probably comin’ offa him.

Max grew up in the small rural farming community of Fairmount IN, and made his way to the Big Apple with a BA in sculpting and painting. When not managing the studio and taking care of the Proscenium team, he can be found running in Central Park, spending time in the gym, traveling abroad with his husband, or brunching all over the city.