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This POA Was Plenty of Awesome

This event was an exciting mix of live presentations, new brand campaign videos, and custom media. The custom media that stood out the most was the video that we showed episodically each day, with each new chapter bringing us deeper into the life of a patient in need of anti-depressants. This emotional story drew tears from the audience of 800 managers, regional directors, and executives as we saw firsthand what it’s like to live with this debilitating affliction. On the last day, the patient found herself on Abilify. The truly amazing moment, however, was when the woman herself then came out live with her Doctor.
pro*sce*ni*um (n): The supporting arch at the front of a stage through which the audience experiences a performance.
pro*sce*ni*um (n): A different kind of event marketing agency - focused on live events for employee, business and consumer audiences.