Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson Street Reveal
Word On The Street

Is this the Kansas City Convention Center or a vacant parking lot? The environment is ripped straight off an urban street corner, from the rust on the fence, to the treatment of the bricks on the wall, to the fallen leaves scattered about the stage. This set reads - Authentic. The music is like a playlist straight from the headphones of a young, urban, woman on the move mixed with sounds of car horns, trash carts and barking dogs. Even the garbage cans are the wire mesh kind you find on a street corner.

As the meeting begins (oh, right, this is a meeting – it's so easy to forget), comes the roar of what can only be a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, its headlamp rising as it rides onto the stage. When it reaches the stage, the rider stops the bike, hits the throttle and smokes the back tire in a burnout. This isn’t any motorcycle, it's the new Street™ brand designed specifically for a younger, more urban demographic. This is the first of many authentic moments that reinforce the motorcycle was developed by riders for riders.

The meeting (oh, right, this is a meeting – it's so easy to forget) also features a billboard style screen that almost makes it seem like you’re actually at a drive-in movie. One of the videos is a powerful and emotional video that demonstrates the incredible pride the engineers feel in this machine. But the experience isn’t over yet, a DJ appears on stage and cranks up the music, the bars open serving specialty cocktails and the audience is treated to authentic Kansas City Bar-B-Que.

And, to finally top the evening off, every attendee has a ticket that they trade for a signed Street™ Poster personally signed right there and then by the artist himself. The Dark Custom themed poster is a huge hit signifying the attitude and toughness of Harley-Davidson’s new product.

This was an event that succeeded on its authenticity and personalization. It succeeded so much, in fact, that it won the Ex Award for Best B-to-B Event Environment from Event Marketer Magazine.

Review: "The U.S. Harley-Davidson Street reveal was one of the best dealer events we’ve ever done. The level of creative detail and program execution that was brought to the event was outstanding. The Proscenium team went above and beyond to bring an authentic experience to every facet of the program. Because of the team’s commitment to excellence, we successfully energized dealers about our new product, the target customer and the new opportunity we have to reach and inspire more riders in more ways."

- Sean Zielinski Communication Director