Heineken USA

Heineken National Distributors Conference
Our 24’ LED Heineken Bottles Looked so Good, Giants Wanted to Drink Them

With a portfolio of over 100 brands, and with distribution in 192 countries, Heineken is one of the most successful family businesses in history. For their National meeting of over 1,500 beer distributors, we took the Jacobs Music Center in San Diego and brought the Heineken brands to mouth-watering life.

Our multi-dimensional video wall was comprised of 3.4 Mil LED screens with an eye-popping resolution that made everything down to the condensation on the bottles look dimensional and realistic. We had rocket ships taking off, soccer balls flying around, and waterfall pools you could practically bathe in. These weren’t executive power points, they were works of art. And they blew the audience away. The set even featured a flying wall and automated band cart to get scenery and people on and offstage smoothly and quickly.

For the opening sequence, we partnered with the multi-media performance group Tell-A-Vision to create a rocking ode to San Diego that showcased Heineken’s presence there. On the second day, we brought Tell-A-Vision back to personify the points made in Heineken’s new sales material. What could have easily been a ppt snooze-fest turned into a character driven performance that made the ideas in Heineken’s “picture of success” literally come to life.

Beyond sales, however, this meeting was all about marketing. So to help the CMO make his point that “Heineken is everywhere” and to make good on his promise of the “the magic of Heineken” we brought in a magician to actually make the CMO appear, disappear, and pop up in unexpected places (including in the balcony, and “in” a video screen).

The brand managers had plenty of tricks up their sleeves as well, from the Dos Equis executive who entered in a space suit amidst flashing lights, clouds of smoke, and rocket liftoff graphics; to the throned entrance down the aisles of boxer and Tecate spokesperson Canello Alvarez; to the mock google hangout held between Neil Patrick Harris, Benicio Del Torro, and the Heineken brand manager.

All the brands came together at the Expo which we planned and coordinated with the executives and their partners. The expo created an environment that allowed each beer to have its own unique and individualized space, while at the same time demonstrating the overall strength of Heineken USA.

The accolades we received from attendees and executives alike were off the charts, and we are extremely proud of our ongoing relationship with this client whose product we serve regularly at our own in-office Arch bar. Cheers!